Mar 17 – Have a Say… About the Future of Local Schools

The Edmonton Public School Division has begun reviewing Space for Students in Mature Communities in the Area One communities. Specifically under review are the six elementary schools, McArthur, Athlone, Kensington, Calder, Scott Robertson, Lauderdale and the junior high they feed, Rosslyn.

These schools have an average age of 63 years, average enrolment of 227 students with a total enrolment of 1,592 students. Over the years, diminishing maintenance funding has made these schools expensive to maintain and the EPSB needs to make decisions regarding the future of these buildings and schooling in the area.

A series of public meetings kicked off March 14 at Rosslyn Junior High with an information session followed by small group discussions. The meeting was not to present an already decided plan of action, but rather to ask for the input of the community and parents.

What kind of…
Grades, Glassrooms & Program

…would you like to see?

Parents and community members spoke about the need to keep the teacher/student ratio low, maintain good location and walkability, program continuity (such as early education programs, language programs, and Christian education programs), maintaining a sense of safety, keeping the sense of family and community, keeping up with technological advances and building safety,

In addition to the suggestions about the future of schools and programs in the six neighbourhoods, discussion did revolve around concerns about what the potential closure of schools in the area would do to the communities and the lifestyles of residents. Some concerns raised included:

  • what will happen to the old buildings – will they become an eyesore like Wellington School?
  • how to do you sell the idea of infill to developers and new residents while the future of the schools hang in limbo?
  • how is the school division going to prevent the future decline of new buildings if the maintenance funding continues to be low?
  • where does the money come from for new schools?

For those who were unable to attend the meeting, you can share your ideas at Space for Students – Edmonton Public Schools

Further public meetings will be scheduled.  Check the Space for Students website or we will post that information on our Facebook page at

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